This is the tutorial section. This tutorial is made for beginners with basic knowledge and abit more advanced drawers.  The basics of  a paint tool  is recommended. The tutorial shows how i work and is not  a general instruction how to draw. If you have questions or some request for additional specific tutorials, please contact me. Maybe i have the time to make some more of them.

Drawing backgrounds:

tt1_01.jpg tt1_02.jpg 1: Drawing and scanning the sketch

2: Drawing clean outlines  on separate layers
tt1_03.jpg tt1_04.jpg 3: Setting the vanishing point

4: Coloring the persons in the front
tt1_05.jpg tt1_06.jpg 5: Adjusting the colors of the persons in the front

6: Masking the objects in the background
tt1_07.jpg tt1_08.jpg 7: Coloring the basic colors of the plane

8: Setting the lightings and shadows
tt1_09.jpg tt1_10.jpg 9: Adding additional details in the background

10: Adding shadows for the foreground
tt1_11.jpg tt1_12.jpg 11: Using the vanishing point for additional details

12: Balancing out the whole picture
tt1_13.jpg tt1_14.jpg 13: Adding lighting details

14: Color adjustment and finishing